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About Us


The Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi (REPM) serves the interests of retired educators in the state.  Founded in 1967, REPM serves our members by promoting the economic, social, and professional welfare of retirees.  Our activities are planned and executed with the good of our members in mind.  We support legislation to protect and improve retirement benefits for educators.  We work with other groups to safeguard and enhance the interests of Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi members and provide helpful resources to retirees throughout the State.  

Association Overview

Formerly Mississippi Retired Teachers Association (MRTA), Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi (REPM)

  • Serves as the advocate and the voice for school retirees and gives retiree needs undivided attention.
  • Works with the PERS Board and State Legislature to protect the retirement system including the annual COLA.
  • Holds workshops every October in each district to keep retirees informed and to hear the needs and ideas of members.
  • Has annual conventions and bi-annual delegate assemblies to conduct business, renew friendships and learn of new offers of benefits, if any.
  • Develops programs such as "With Our Youth" mentoring new teachers and working with soon-to-be-retirees.
  • Offers assistance to local units in order that all retirees will be able to take advantage of membership in the association.
  • Publishes a newsletter twice a year to keep members informed.
  • Keeps members informed of all issues affecting them through e-mails, newsletters, meetings, and website.



REPM is proud of its association with Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS). PERS proudly serves those who serve others by providing guaranteed lifetime retirement benefits, as well as disability and survivor protection. In this day of economic uncertainty, these plans play a more important role than ever in protecting the financial futures of our members. To learn more about PERS, visit their website:






We are proud to be affiliated with National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA), AARP's Educator Community. NRTA is America's foremost network of 50+ adults and organizations with a passion and affinity for education and learning. Members of NRTA are dedicated to continuous educational opportunity, advocacy, and service as a means of safeguarding the economic security, work opportunities, and future well-being of all generations. For information on NRTA, visit