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Read All About It


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Keep up to date on happenings in the education space with help from REPM. Below are the latest articles for your review.


Completed Project of the REPM -The Pine Belt Area


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!” Aristotle said so more than two thousand years ago; however, the Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi (REPM), from the Pine Belt area, demonstrated the power of the quote through a collaborative quilt creation.

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Need A Grant?


To apply for the REPM grant, a teacher shall describe the project for which they are seeking funds. The applicant should describe how the students will benefit from the project and how the teacher will measure their progress or success.

The application page should include the teacher's name, the school name, and the grade or subject area being taught as well as required signatures.

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2020. Teachers receiving the grants will be notified in late November. All funds are to be spent in the spring semester.

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We Want You


Join the association that gives you a voice in retirement - the Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi! We support legislation to protect and improve retirement benefits for educators. We work with groups to safeguard and enhance the interests of retired education personnel in Mississippi and provide helpful resources to retirees throughout the state. We need your support to help our efforts for retired education personnel.

To join us, simply download and print the form and mail it to the address listed on it. A membership card will be mailed to you.  The costs indicated here only cover state dues. To join a local unit, contact a member of the unit in your area and pay the local dues that are set by that unit. 

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Recipients Of Our Teacher Grants




Barbara Winston presenting the teacher grant to Kiwanis Barnes from Natchez High School, Adams County.


Barbara Winston presenting the teacher grant to Tashun Funches from Rod Paige Middle School, Lawrence County.


Barbara Winston presenting the teacher grant to Lindsey Trout from Franklin Lower Elementary School, Franklin County.


Dr. Phil A. Sutphin presents a check to Mr. Aaron Lyle Wallace, Teacher at Pilate Middle School in Newton.


Dr. Phil A. Sutphin presents a check and certificate to Ms. Lakrilesha Boyd, Teacher at Northeast Elementary in Meridian.