Grant Yourself A Brighter Future

Grant Yourself A Brighter Future


A Teachers Grant from REPM can make a world of difference for you, and others. 




In addition to our six scholarships, six teachers selected statewide will be awarded a $500 grant for student enrichment. Interested teachers will be asked to write a one-page proposal describing their project and the results they expect to achieve. All submitted proposals will be rated by a committee composed of each district director, the district Foundation member, and Scholarship member.



How To Apply


To apply for this grant, a teacher shall describe the project for which they are seeking funds. The applicant should describe how the students will benefit from the project and how the teacher will measure their progress or success.

The application page should include the teacher's name, the school name, and the grade or subject area being taught as well as required signatures.

The deadline for submission is October 31. Teachers receiving the grants will be notified in late November. All funds are to be spent in the spring semester.

Since our association is divided into six districts, where you teach will determine to whom you send your grant proposal. The districts are organized by county which includes both city and county school districts. The districts by county and directors' names and addresses can be found by clicking here.

Download the Application PDF here, fill it out and send it with your one-page written statement of intention to your district director.