Read All About It

Read All About It


REPM is making headlines. 


Completed Project of the REPM -The Pine Belt Area

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!” Aristotle said so more than two thousand years ago; however, the Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi (REPM), from the Pine Belt area, demonstrated the power of the quote through a collaborative quilt creation. The completed quilt recently made its debut, and captivated the attention of all who viewed and explored its content.

The REPM organization was founded in 1967 to support retirees. A primary priority of the group includes reinforcing legislation to protect and improve retirees’ benefits including the annual cost of living allotment (COLA).

Exponential amounts of tender love and care brought the quilt project to fruition. Members of the REPM organization created their individual swatch units. The art on the quilt is comprised of educational quotes, names of REPM members, colleges/universities attended, mascots, and other fragments relative to education. This special designed “wall hanging” quilt will be displayed in the City of Hattiesburg’s Sigler Building where the organization meets monthly. “Hopefully the visibility of the quilt will bring greater awareness to the organization and its purpose,” said Emma Pope, project designer. Mrs. Pope has served the organization previously as president and vice president. Members of the REPM stand together and form a united front. The proof is in the quilt!